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Published : 20 May 2010 - 3:13:37pm

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You have entered the new database and website of the Felsenstein family. This database was created to coincide with the first international Felsenstein Family Reunion, held in Jerusalem, Israel, in October 2000, attended by 650 family members.

We have now changed to an entirely new format, which , we believe, is a great improvement on our prior system.

The new database, called PhpGedView, is on an internet site, and will enable every Felsenstein family member to see all the relevant data of the entire family.

More important, it will enable every family member to update their own family data directly on the Internet. At the same time we have provided controls to make certain that the database will not be corrupted by unintentional errors or by willful mischief.

Another wonderful aspect of the new system is that by a single click you can change the language of the entire website from English to Hebrew, or French, or Spanish. This will be of great interest especially to the younger Israeli family members, and to those not acquainted or comfortable with English.

As you become acquainted with this new PhpGedView system, you will be fascinated with the many tables, lists, histories, and other data of great interest which you will find.

There is a Help Menu for every page and there is ‏(or will be)‏ a complete User's manual available, which you can download, to assist you in becoming an expert in the PhpGedView Felsenstein database.

Every family member will receive a User's name and password, which must be used to update or change any data on the website. To do so you must LOGIN in the box provided on the side of this page. It is most important that you change the Password given to you to one that only you know, so that you can safeguard the data of the entire site and of your family. We caution every Felsenstein family member not to divulge their user's name and password to others.

Individuals who do not have a user's name and password will be able to access the database, where they can see all the information about Felsenstein family members who are no longer alive. However, they will not be able to see detailed information on living members of the family, nor will they be able to make any changes to the database.

The new PhpGedView database will also enable us to address communications to all family members who have email addresses, and to address those who have no computers.

Family members without internet access who wish to update data on the Felsenstein website will have to do so via a relative with such access. It will no longer be possible to update data in any other way.

The Genealogical Conventions in the Felsenstein Family Chronicle

The genealogical conventions used in the Felsenstein Family Chronicle are as follows:

Numbering System - Reference Numbers

  1. The numbering system is based on the "clock picture". The children of Noah Abraham and Hanna Felsenstein have each been assigned a number according to their position on the clock. This number is the first digit of the reference number. Their children are represented by the second digit, their grandchildren - the third digit, their great-grandchildren - the fourth digit, and so on. For example: Gabriel Goldschmidt's reference number is 5.1.3; he is the third offspring of Ketty Felsenstein Goldschmidt who was 5.1; Ketty was the oldest child of Isidor Felsenstein who was Number 5, as he is positioned at "5 o'clock" on the clock picture.
  2. Each spouse of a family member has a suffix "S" after the reference number.
  3. The family tree includes parent of spouses as well. Thus, the father-in-law of a family member has that family member's reference number along with the suffix "FIL". The mother-in-law of the family member has that family member's reference number along with the suffix "MIL".
  4. A divorced spouse has the suffix "SD".

"Head of Family" is defined as follows:
  1. In a household consisting of a husband and wife ‏(with or without children)‏, the family member is the Head of Family ‏(reference number without a suffix)‏.
  2. Where a spouse is deceased, the widow or widower, whether family member or spouse of family member, is the Head of Family.
  3. Any unmarried offspring living at an address other than that of the parents, is a Head of Family

Felsenstein Chronicle

19 April 2021 - 11:56:32pm

On This Day ...
Philipp, Anthony Bertram Anthony Bertram19 April 200318Death 

Total events: 1
Upcoming Events
Felsenstein, Kenneth Kurt Kenneth Kurt20 April 193091Birth 
Krasner, Lillian A. ‏(Levitt)‏ Lillian A. (Levitt)20 April 1898123Birth 
Goldberg, Norbert Norbert21 April 20165Death 
Jerichower, Dr. Frederick Fobus
Jerichower, Gertrude Debora ‏(Goldschmidt)‏
Dr. Frederick Fobus21 April 194774Marriage 
Jerichower, James James21 April 196358Death 
Or, Yosef Yosef21 April 196952Birth 
Felsenstein, Ludwig Ludwig22 April 1855166Birth 
Margulies, Simon Mordechai Simon Mordechai23 April 194279Death 
Frei, Jacob Wolf Jacob Wolf24 April 1909112Birth 
Neumann, Leopold Leopold24 April 199427Death 
Freilich, Ezekiel Ezekiel25 April 195071Death 
Weil, Eugene Eugene25 April 194774Death 
Weil, Henri Henri25 April 193586Death 
Warner, Anne L. ‏(Felsenstein)‏ Anne L. (Felsenstein)27 April 1921100Birth 
Weil, Harry Harry27 April 1916105Birth 
Felsenstein, Jacob Jacob28 April 1856165Birth 
Friedman, Melvin Herbert ‏(Buddy)‏ Melvin Herbert (Buddy)28 April 1918103Birth 
Topiol, Sarah Sarah28 April 195764Death 
Cohn, Elfriede ‏(Bamberger)‏ Elfriede (Bamberger)29 April 199427Death 
Felsenstein, Ernest Morris Ernest Morris29 April 1903118Birth 
Neuschloss, Andre S. Andre S.30 April 1920101Birth 
Lennard, Millie MillieMay 197744Death 
Neuburger, Adelheid ‏(Felsenstein)‏ Adelheid (Felsenstein)1 May 1884137Death 
Schiff, Jette ‏(Felsenstein)‏ Jette (Felsenstein)May 1809212Birth 
Stern, Gustav GustavMay 196952Death 
Weil, Louis
Weil, Frances Folsom ‏(Geiger)‏
Louis1 May 1915106Marriage 
Dhami, Sadhu Singh
Dhami, Ida ‏(Wreschner)‏
Sadhu Singh2 May 194576Marriage 
Fuerth, Michael Michael2 May 1900121Death 
Joelson, Elsa ‏(Weil)‏ Elsa (Weil)2 May 198140Death 
Felsenstein, Charlotte ‏(Altman)‏ Charlotte (Altman)3 May 1908113Birth 
Loranger, William Frederick William Frederick3 May 192299Birth 
Wreschner, Ida ‏(Cramer)‏ Ida (Cramer)3 May 1875146Birth 
Felsenstein, Edgar David Edgar David4 May 199031Death 
Felsenstein, Jizchok Jizchok4 May 1775246Birth 
Tajtelbaum, Isaac Isaac4 May 200417Death 
Benhamu, Paloma ‏(Anidjar)‏ Paloma (Anidjar)5 May 1910111Birth 
Kelfa, Jacob Jacob5 May 1905116Birth 
Margulies, Sali Soro ‏(Rottenberg)‏ Sali Soro (Rottenberg)5 May 1884137Birth 
Tajtelbaum, Isaac Isaac5 May 200417Burial 
Wechsler, Martin Martin5 May 199229Death 
Weintraub, Sarah ‏(Patcas)‏ Sarah (Patcas)5 May 1905116Birth 
Pollack, Leon L. Leon L.6 May 1891130Birth 
Krasner, Lillian A. ‏(Levitt)‏ Lillian A. (Levitt)7 May 195170Death 
Mond, Jack Jack9 May 198239Death 
Bendheim, Charles Henry Charles Henry10 May 199724Death 
Taitz, Jerold Leonard Jerold Leonard10 May 199427Death 
Weil, Madelaine ‏(Weill)‏ Madelaine (Weill)10 May 1900121Birth 
Freilich, Lillie ‏(Levine)‏ Lillie (Levine)12 May 198338Death 
Fuerth, Jeanette ‏(Warburg)‏ Jeanette (Warburg)12 May 1894127Death 
Oppenheimer, Shulamith ‏{Shulie}‏ Shulamith {Shulie}12 May 200813Burial 
Oppenheimer, Shulamith ‏{Shulie}‏ Shulamith {Shulie}12 May 200813Death 
Epstein, Moshe Moshe13 May 197744Death 
Hamburger, Moses Moses13 May 195665Death 
Weingarten, Siegfried Peter Siegfried Peter13 May 1897124Birth 
Oppenheimer, Fanny ‏(Bergen)‏ Fanny (Bergen)14 May 1858163Birth 
Sulzbach, Fanny Flora ‏(Oppenheimer)‏ Fanny Flora (Oppenheimer)14 May 1912109Birth 
Ashkenazi, Moshe
Ashkenazi, Elaine Rae ‏(Kaplan)‏
Moshe15 May 197249Marriage 
Felsenstein, Hannele ‏(Kohn)‏ Hannele (Kohn)15 May 195863Death 
Kravetz, Harriett ‏(Dalinsky)‏ Harriett (Dalinsky)15 May 193883Birth 
Weil, Erna Erna15 May 1890131Birth 
Felsenstein, Stefan ‏{Esteban}‏ Stefan {Esteban}16 May 198437Death 
Frankel, Izzak Izzak16 May 1904117Birth 
Worms, Regina ‏(Oppenheimer)‏ Regina (Oppenheimer)16 May 1886135Birth 
Felsenstein, Arthur Arthur17 May 1894127Birth 
Felsenstein, Ludwig Ludwig17 May 193190Death 
Felsenstein, Minna ‏(Kohn)‏ Minna (Kohn)17 May 1894127Death 
Philipp, Lucie Ruth ‏(Hackenbroch)‏ Lucie Ruth (Hackenbroch)17 May 1910111Birth 
Lobbenberg, Hans Hans18 May 1896125Birth 
Wreschner, Siegfried Otto Siegfried Otto18 May 1899122Birth 
Homburger, David Rudolf David Rudolf19 May 1864157Birth 
Sternberg, Henry Moses Henry Moses19 May 199229Death 
Wechsler, Myra Rosalind ‏(Blau)‏ Myra Rosalind (Blau)19 May 199724Death 

Total events: 72